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Is This You?

Have you always wanted to make a living from blogging, but you’re confused & unsure how or what it takes to do so?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the “how-to’s” & “online everything” courses but you have no idea where to begin?

Do you allow your ‘9 to 5’ and other responsibilities to deter you from launching or growing your own blog?

Yeah, We’ve Been There Too.

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Two years ago, we had zero experience in blogging or online publishing. Fast forward to January 2016 and our blogs have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CBS, Chicago Sun Times, Infusionsoft and the list goes on.



“Must follow Instagram Accounts That Inspire the Entrepreneurial Journey”

“Two Sites Documenting a New Generation of Creativity and Entrepreneurship”

The road to this point has not been easy.

Two years ago we were struggling to find a way to bring our passions to life and have an actual influence and impact.

We launched our publications by following online “how-to” guides and long checklists filled with vague terminology and case studies related to SEO, back-linking, guest posting, keyword optimization, viral variables, etc.

So we chucked the guides and got to work on our own.

Prsuit.com & Hdfmagazine.com

We had passionate visions for our blogs but assumed the only way to launch them and be successful was through lengthy step-by-step guides and checklists that claimed to have proven success.


 We wanted to take pride in our blogs and expected to watch as our readership grew each week.. After all, we knew we had very unique content angles and voices (everyone told us this!).


But, Growth Is Not What Happened!!

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And All These Agencies, Programs

& Gurus . . . 

Were focused on theory and templated step-by-step how to’s.

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Great In Theory, But When It Came

To Execution . . . Well, 

They all fell flat on their face.

We didn’t see results and were pivoting so many aspects of our visions that we became very frustrated; Frustrated w/the overall Direction.

We felt like these programs and folks didn’t appreciate our vision and certainly were not allowing us to execute without making some significant concessions.

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We Decided To Start From Scratch

And Do it 100% Ourselves. 

We knew exactly what we had to do.

It was a couple months of us working on our respective blogs when we met – On Instagram of all places! After chatting via Skype a couple times, we learned a few fundamental truths. This world can be lonely and it takes help to grow your brand and your network online.

From that day a year ago, we dedicated ourselves to a journey that’s focused on vision and growth. We totally redid our distribution strategies, design and went back to our original content visions. We focused on authenticity, transparency and genuine content.

Google Analytics

And The Results Came In . .

Within weeks we saw a HUGE difference.

As you can see from the two computer screens from above, traffic growth resembled a hockey stick. We also started ending up on the first page of Google for organic content and in record timing.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were receiving incredibly humbling praise on Instagram to the tune of 2K new followers / week, our email lists were growing and we were being featured on BIG TIME press outlets.


So, What Did We Learn & Were the Keys To Our Success? 

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You’ve got to stay true to your vision and not be caught up with so many online gurus who’ve yet to do the very thing they teach. There are no fail-proof systems so get that out of your head. The fastest and purest way to grow is by being consistent in every aspect of your strategy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, find those who had actually built and grow blogs and brands themselves.

So, we met some great mentors who’ve done it to the tune of millions of monthly visitors while creating truly great and inspiring content. After we pestered them for relentlessly with questions and engaged in authentic conversations, we began to learn strategies and tactics to grow and scale our blogs. These conversations were the real turning point for us.

The best way to grow is from the experiences of others. No generic lists, no checklists, no false advertising. Just Plain Experience.


So We Kept Building, Building & Building . . .

People Started Asking Us:

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We Began To Help People As They Reached Out.

Our Goal Was Simple: Help Them Grow Something So They Can Have Freedom & Make Money From Blogging.

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And That, Friends, Is How Accelerate Your Brand Was Born.

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There Are Two Fundamental Truths Behind The Accelerate Your Brand Program:

TRUTH #1 : There are too many people out there selling you a dream and not showing you how they did the work themselves. They proclaim the word “Guru”, which we believe no one is entitled too. We’re always learning. We’re not gurus. We’re hustlers who never stop working and never stop learning. So, we show you exactly what we did to enable our publications to take off, as well as continuously add value.

TRUTH #2 : The people you surround yourself will dictate where you end up. It takes a like-minded individuals to create, learn and promote each other. Networks of people drive traffic, not just one person. That’s why we created a Lifetime Access Private Facebook Community that enables you to get feedback, do market research, cross promote, grow together and ask questions (any time, any day, period)

And We’re Quite Different . . .

You Need the Essentials To Succeed:

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How Does Accelerate Your Brand Work?

We Take You Through 3 Important Things:

Wanna Have More Free Time & Make 6-Figures From Blogging- (19)

Niche Down & Target Your Blog For Growth

Build Your First 100,000 Visitors

Make Money From Blogging

And Here’s How We Help You Do It

Course Numbers 1
Course Numbers 2
Courses 3
Course 4

We’re as excited as you are to start!! The moment you enroll, we immediately bring you into our Exclusive Private Network, introduce you and get you building your network.

You get access to the entire library of videos and course materials we shot in a private, professional studio. Listen as we candidly discuss our strategies and tactics and take you through them via our recorded screen share.

As we built, we documented a few milestone achievements and want you to do the same. We walk you through examples such as collecting 100 email opt-ins everyday via Instagram, being featured on big media networks, getting on the first page of Google (the organic way) and more. We also feature an interview with @thinkgrowprosper from Instagram to help you get to your first 10K followers.

Once you join our program, it’s Lifetime Access. It’s about community and networks. The only way to build is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals also building on their dreams. We’ll update course materials and continue to bring in new hustlers to be part of the community. 

What Will Happen When I Go Through the Program?

Over the Course of 6 Modules, You Will Progress from Fine Tuning Your Niche, To Building On Your Platform, Scaling Your Content, Driving Traffic, and Of Course, Monetizing. Each Phase Builds On the Others So you Feel Confident Each Step of the Way.

Let’s Get Started

Get super clear about your goals, why they are important, and what you are willing to do in order to achieve them.

Phase 1

Still Unsure? Take Their Word For It.


As someone who has been in the process of starting a brand and trying to build an online presences, the AYB community has been a wonderful blessing. It is so important to surround yourself with people who are like-minded and driven. You’ve gotta be around people who are in the same boat as you and can motivate you.

James | Leonlush


Right upon joining, I really felt I was a part of something bigger than just myself. Case and Matt are really great with being supportive as well as the group. The two of them have proved amazing information… and put me on the path in the right direction. The whole group is so motivational everyday. I’ve been able to make some great new network connections as well.

Sandra | thegoodnessglow.com


AYB has benefited me from a community stand point. Initially help with understanding the marketing side of switching to WordPress and building a web of similar entrepreneurs online that start to support you as well. Then I’ve had so much feedback from the group about my work and helped me find problems within my website or issues that I wasn’t seeing myself. The group shared my first feature and made me feel like I am on track with my purpose.

Jessica | curedesigns.com


Thank you guys so much! I’ve had my page up for less than a week now and within the first two days based on all the plugins and back-end data we’ve talked about, I’ve had almost 25 page visits, so thank you so much!

LaDonna | alightonmypath.com


The biggest thing is that I am surrounded by people who want to success and have as big of visions as I do. With this group I am able to spend time with people who only want to go up and that in turn brings me up and builds me up. Thank you!

Ryan| letsgetfisi.co

We’re Not For Everyone. Find Out If Our Program Is Right For You.

Untitled design (1)

I’m Ready To Start

We’re Gonna Give It To You Straight

Building a blog is much more than just traffic and monetization. It goes deeper. 

With the creation and growth of our publications, we truly brought our passions to life in a meaningful and tangible way. As a result, we can honestly say that we are happier and finding fulfillment in this hustle.

It is a grind that will take hours and days, up and downs, yeses and no’s, but once you fully commit to the journey, you will find that true fulfillment comes from the inside.

If you don’t commit to yourself and your happiness now, then when?

In fact, right now is the only thing that you have control over to set yourself up for an amazing and fulfilling future.

It’s your time.

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Excited Yet? Here’s What You Get

Wanna Have More Free Time & Make 6-Figures From Blogging- (24)
Wanna Have More Free Time & Make 6-Figures From Blogging- (25)
Wanna Have More Free Time & Make 6-Figures From Blogging- (23)

What’s the Investment?

We’ve spent years dedicated to all things digital and helping everyone from Fortune 10/100 companies build their brands online, to helping Startups create an influence online and drive massive traffic. We realized the quickest way to realzing massive success is helping out a massive amount of people. Creating a program such as Accelerate Your Brand, allows us to do this.

There is nothing more exciting then watching members of our group experience growth, happiness, freedom, more time, more energy and more money. What society tells you is impossible, these people are achieving it and that means everything to us!

To reserve your spot for both the Video Course Series & the Private Facebook Group, the investment is a one-time fee of $497 (USD) for The Accelerate Your Brand Program. You can pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan of three monthly payments.

If you would ONLY like to join the Facebook Community, great!

The investment is only $47/mo.

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Wanna Have More Free Time & Make 6-Figures From Blogging- (30)

Got questions we  haven’t answered here? Write [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.